Tori Gonzalez

Senior Project Designer

Tori graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Furniture Design. She also has significant work experience with Interior Design and completed internships at furniture and lighting manufacturing companies.

It is this exposure to the Interior Design & Manufacturing world that has led Tori to her current position with Marzipan where she is responsible for custom designs of furniture and lighting for our projects. In addition Marzipan are now working on branded collections of furniture, lighting and accessories for several  leading Hospitality Product Manufacturers and Tori will be responsible for coordinating this program as it develops.

Tori has acquired skills in metal & woodworking, jewelry making, laser cutting and ceramics and has a sophisticated understanding and approach to the use of materials to create beautiful and unique artifacts. An accomplished Painter & Photographer, Tori brings a wealth of talent to the Marzipan group.