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T H E  M A R Z I P A N  S T O R Y

Marzipan comprises a select group of individuals who are recognized for their commitment to provide creative excellence, technical expertise and professional implementation. Our Principals have over 30 years experience in luxury hospitality and a proven track record; having worked with most of the major International hotel operators worldwide.

Marzipan approaches each concept with an unique and tailored process specific to the story we will tell through our design. 

Our primary goal is to bring our Client’s vision to life in the most astounding way. Our belief in a strong conceptual story derived from the location, culture, architecture, and history allows us to deliver an experience for the guest that truly goes beyond design.  The story we create permeates throughout each project in small and unexpected moments for the guest to discover. It is that sense of discovery and surprise that will leave our guests with memories to be cherished.

Our team are masters in the art of good communication and are well versed in producing comprehensive documentation and meeting brand standards.

We address each project with a determination to fulfill our clients desires and exceed their expectations.

We understand the importance of return on investment, and the part that exemplary design plays in achieving that goal.

We promise to deliver and we deliver what we promise. 


d e n i s   m u l h e r n

principal/design director

j u d e  m u l h e r n

principal/design director

r o b e r t  m a c a r u s o

principal/design director

b r a d  c a n t r e l l

design director

   E R I N  S C H O N A U E R 


claudia de narvaez

senior project director

roberto urbina 

production design

molly dunn 

senior designer

joanna kerr

senior designer

tori gonzalez

senior designer

olivia macarusO



human resources