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Eat More - You Look Skinny

Last Tuesday we had an important Design Presentation to Clients & Operator at the Marzipan Studio.

Naturally we wanted to provide lunch for the event and we spent several weeks prior liaising with the caterers, so were confident that we had covered everyone’s needs. I did wonder why providing sandwiches and salads for twelve was costing such a fortune until the food arrived and I realized we had enough for at least 40 people not 12.

HOW EMBARRASSING. We actually couldn’t stop laughing as it was so extreme. After the clients left we had to ask a friend to pick up the leftovers and take them to the local soup kitchen.

We crammed everything we could into the back of her car but Marzipan were still eating wraps and chicken salad a week later! At that point I realized that if you are a Jewish Mother the question that you ask corporate caterers is not “Have I ordered enough?’ but “Have I ordered too much?”

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